Sponsored Post: CoverGirl Seven-Day LipPerfection Challenge, Day 1

Ladies, I’m embarking on a seven-day journey chronicling my experince using ONLY the new Pat McGrath-designed LipPerfection lipstick line from CoverGirl. That’s right–no balm, no gloss, no NOTHING else on this pout until May 23rd. Read on for more details…

The draw of LipPerfection is that it purports to perfect your lips in 7 days by drenching them in color and moisture. Today is Day 1 and I’ll be checking in mid-week and again with you next Monday to share my thoughts on the full week. And of course, share with you the results of the challenge–which I hope will include stunningly soft lips. Also, not to be dramatic? But this lipstick blow aways any other one you’re using right now.

What’s not even ADVERTISED is how long-lasting it is. I used Flame, pictured at right to dinner on my recent trip to Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati, applied just once and I woke up with a Flame stain still on my lips the next MORNING after I woke up. This was after I used a makeup wipe and washed my face. Okay? When I asked CoverGirl Brand Manager Sarah Vickery about why the long-lasting effects aren’t even getting any press, she was like “how many things can we say about one product? There’s not even room to cover all of the benefits on the release!”

Also, I’m jazzed about my week of bright lips, as lately, I’m just so over eyeshadow. It’s a SNOOZE-fest for me these days, as I find with my drag queen lashes (this month’s installment come courtesy of the fabulously talented Courtney Akai whose Def Con 5 glue has been known to adhere these bad boys to my lashes for a full six weeks) shadow other than a light smattering of shimmer in a beige or a gold makes me look as if I’m logging onto trytoohard.com, and dolls–you never want to do that. Lashes + a bright lip is the aesthetic of my 2011 and I’m embracing it to the fullest. It’s all about a naked eye, and in the select paraphrased words of Luscious Jackson, with my naked eye, I see all.

The CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipsticks retail for $6.50 at grocery and drugstores nationwide. Stay tuned on my mid-week check-in and my final post on the LipPerfection challenge.

Disclaimer: COVERGIRL is compensating me for my time and participation in the LipPerfection Transformation Challenge; however, all opinions shared are my own.

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