Armani Exchange Goes "Back To The Future" With 3D Glasses

It makes sense to own a pair of designer 3-D shades with the emergence of 3D movies as a popular means of entertainment these days. Armani Exchange has created their first ever 3D Glasses.

The shades boast an ’80s retro design and modern appeal. Celebs Joe Jonas, Kat Graham and Emmanuelle Chriqui are some of the first to score a pair of their own.

I can’t help but appreciate how very ahead of the curve oafy Back to the Future antagonist Biff Tannen‘s henchman 3D was in the FIFTIES rocking his signature pair of 3-D shades. The 3DV 001AX can be yours for $58 and are available exclusively in the US at all Armani Exchange stores and on their website.

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