Destination: Procrastination

Lea Michele’s showing a LOT of sternum on that March cover of Cosmo
[MTV Buzzworthy]

In honor of Justin Timberlake’s 30th birthday, 30 pictures of him. You’re welcome

What to buy your damn self on V-day

Would you wear bright orange?
[College Fashion]

Kim Kardashian’s upset over her naked W cover, like, a year later

Nail polish that makes hands look younger
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

How to trim your own hair
[Beauty To The People]

Julia tries out Sprayology
[All About The Pretty]

Winter’s 5 best albums

New York and Company’s got some adorable gems of late
[College Candy]

Everything you need to know about Sushal Networking
[Sushi With My Girls]

A letter to a crappy one-bedroom
[My Daily]

Looks like I need some PCA Peptide Lip Treatment, stat

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