Destination: Procrastination

An H&M collection only available in Sweden you’ll be drooling over
[What’s Haute]

Welcome to the cult of Core Fusion, Naag! I’m a fellow member

The genesis of “That’s what she said”
[How About We]

Milly celebrates 10th anniversary
[Handbag du Jour]

Self-tanner vs. Bronzer
[Real Beauty]

A celebration of Dolly Parton’s fiercest phrases

A BOOBS ring. For serious
[Fashion Binge]

Anne Hathaway’s beauty secrets at the 2011 Golden Globes
[Beauty Blitz]

O-MG, O-Town is reuniting
[MTV Buzzworthy]

Five college-gal handbag essentials
[College Fashion]

Some non-vomitatious V-day gifts
[Refinery 29]

Memo to society: Some people are single and OKAY with it
[College Candy]

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