Get The Look: Sandra Bullock At The 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Sandra Bullocks Emily The Strange bangs moment was a win in the unhumble opinion of moi, even if it was hotly debated amongst my Twitter friends. Here’s how to get her fierce fringed hairstyle.

The 60s took the lead on Sandra Bullock’s look with creating a full bang and textured ends. 

Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii applied a small amount Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to her damp hair. After blow drying her hair straight with a paddle brush, David sectioned the hair separating the bang area first then clipping the sides and back. Starting at the nape he re-applied an additional amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to each section creating the maximum amount of shine while flat ironing the hair completely straight with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’S Digital Flat Iron.

Using a digital control allows the proper temperature to achieve the best results. For the bang area, he flat ironed them by turning the iron slightly under creating a soft cupping affect. To finish he applied some of the oil to his hands warming slightly and running his hands over the top to smooth fly-a-ways and define the piecey texture to the ends.

What’s your opinion on Sandra Bullock’s hairstyle?

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