The 12 Days of Christmas Sponsored by Proactive Solution + A Giveaway

Seasons greetings, my little Lovey Howells!

In honor of the season of giving, I’ve partnered with Proactive Solution on a charity initiative and giveaway of 12 of their Proactive Solution Renewing Cleansers! Details within the video.

Best of luck!

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8 Comments The 12 Days of Christmas Sponsored by Proactive Solution + A Giveaway

  1. Christina Z

    My favorite charity that I would like to help with if I can in 2011 is the UCAN clinic they help with low income families to take care of their pets.

    chrissiemz (AT) yAhOO DOT com

  2. hofken

    My favorite charity is Southern Arizona Mental Health Coalition. I’ve served on the board of directors and donate to their activities. As a public defender, I am particularly interested in the legal representation of the mentally ill.

  3. Valerie H

    Hi Amber! We donated to this Christmas and have started doing this each year as a “new tradition” in our family (aren’t we blessed beyond measure, so shouldn’t we give back?). Our church is also planning a mission trip this spring involving the teens so that we all work together to help others, and I can’t wait to join them!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  4. Angela K.

    Hi – thanks for the giveaway! My favorite charity is Doctors Without Borders, a group that provides much-needed medical services to victims of war and/or disaster. I will definitely be donating to this group again in 2011.


  5. Kimberly

    I live near Denver so there are so many tremendously wonderful charities nearby. I would pick The Denver Hospice as my favorite though. I will continue to donate to them in 2011. Thanks!!!
    kimberly.reuter at yahoo dot com

  6. paulasue

    I donate my time to the local hospital, I love working with the patients. I plan to do the same thing in 2011, I donate 20 hours a week and I really enjoy it! My favorite charity is St. Jude and I donate money to them every month. Thanks ProActive and Amber, and Happy Holidays! Paula Caudill –


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