Fictionary: Fabyrinth

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty- (and sometimes fashion-)related words that don’t exist, but should.

 Fabyrinth refers to a set-up of multiple racks of chic garments, all of which you want to rock. This doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, I’m usually only attracted to a piece or two of most collections I see.  

The gold foldable flats

But Iman‘s new collection of gorgeosity? A fabyrinth of fakakta proportions! Would you believe this sylph, clearly the most beautiful woman in the world (it’s hard to believe she is even human–I think we’ll find out in this lifetime she’s of another genus, species or phylum than we) has designed an entire collection that flatters women from XS to XXXL? Or that she RECOGNIZES that laypeople can benefit from a zippered-at-the-bottom well-constructed legging because unzipping it tad flatters the ankles better? Or that she acknowledges that a wide waistband on a pair of pants is necessary for a slim silhouette?

Cape in camel

Iman’s Global Chic Fashion line for HSN boasts a stunning array of wearable musts in the categories of dresses, pants, leggings, tops, accessories AND luggage and all (except for the luggage) are under $100 a piece.  I was especially enamored of her gold ruffled foldable flatsruffled shrug jacket, cape with patent trim and shimmering sequin tunic. I highly suggest you involve yourself with her collection to stock up for your impending holiday parties. 

Iman, showing the shimmering sequin tunic!

Also, it has to be said: If you’re a clever gal of the word, you can never relax and luxuriate in your plush, hilar virtual world of neologisms. Because inevitably, people will adopt your words (especially the good ones) but frequently, flagrantly, without proper attribution. And let’s never forget–these words aren’t exactly orphans–they’re foster children. They have a home and you can’t forget that they’re not too good for their home (in the words of Billy Madison). So while I encourage all of my Internet friends to use these words, I do also encourage a little credit every few uses. My point? I’ve effectively exhausted glam- prefixed words to the point where I see “glamazing” popping up regularly in blogs that I read (sans attribution, hence my rant) and now I’m kind of… over it. So we’re on to a new pretty prefix and it’s now all about fab-. 

P.S. Don’t think the subtle nod to Iman’s rocker hubby David Bowie is the slightest coincidence. Nothing on BBJ is a coincidence.

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