Fictionary: Glambush

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

 Now obviously, because you read this blog, you’re beauty-savvy. You’re certainly not in need of a makeover. But you know those people who are. Your boyfriend whose Bert brows absolutely cry OUT for some plucking–to the point where you have to sit on your hands to keep from manually tweezing him when you’re trying to be romantical.

Maybe it’s your coworker who just needs a little product in her hair to keep it from making you thirsty in response to its frizzed out Sahara-style dryness.

Maybe it’s your gal pal who erroneously believes she’s too pretty for makeup (we all have one of those–I’ve met exactly three people in my lifestyle who REALLY don’t need makeup. Most of us need a tiny bit of help).

The point? These people all in desperate need of a glambush. So I hereby grant you total permission to DO it. Broach the subject gently–there’s no need to be cruel. But you and your glambush subject will feel so much better after the skintervention. Or hairspiration. Or makeup mission. Basically, in the words of my good friend Eileen, you simply need to tell him or her about him/herself.

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