Do You Think You Know How To Apply Eye Cream? (Hint: You Don’t.)

I know. I KNOW. Isn’t it insulting that the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System presupposes that you can’t handle smearing a little eye serum into your your orbitals? But you can’t–well, not as well as this little electronic machine can for you. In the beauty realm especially, doesn’t it really seem like all those old movies and books fearing robots taking over our lives are ringing true? Between Zeno zit-zappers, power-operated toothbrushes and now the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System, my beauty regimen is totes reliant on electricity for my skin to be its most excellent.

In the select words of Marky Mark (and The Funky Bunch)‘s musical stylings, you “feel the vibrations” and “feel it, feel it” because it uses sonic technology and micro-massage to

increase absorption of the nutrient-rich Sea Serum that is sold with it. The price is certainly steep, but bear in mind you do get two extra refill caps of said serum. 
Now, I was still skeptical even upon learning all of this, until I saw images of how much of the serum remained on the face of someone who’d Opaled versus someone who’d manually applied eye cream after towels were used to wipe off the excess product. The non-Opaler had removed nearly all of hers, while the Opaler still retained the majority of her application–it was deep down in there, like Prego. 
Also? The massaging application itself is soothing and luxurious. The latexy tip feels almost like fingertips from a skilled masseur while the pulsing relaxes you into a state of zen. I like to give any “elevens” (the lines that form near the bridge of your nose/where your unibrow would be if you weren’t so delightfully on top of that, Rose, because you read this blog) that think they’re going to sprout there the bird by running my Opal over that real estate, as well.

Don’t forget to check out Clarisonic’s new blog Sonic Chatter which recently launched.

The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System retails for $245 at

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  1. Clarisonic

    We are thrilled you are enjoying the Opal Sonic Fusion System! Your experiment of the Opaler versus the Non-Opaler is such a great testament for us! Thank you for the great review and mention of our blog. Take care and we will look forward to more posts on your blog:)


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