Mattification of the Nation: Blow Dryer 101

Sally Hershberger stylist Matt Fugate is back with another hair tip for you gals! This time, he’s tackling Blow Dryer 101. Why? Because the speed and heat settings are on the dryer for a reason. For instance, did you know you should use a separate setting if you’re uber-blonde? Read on for Matt’s best blow-dryer tips. In the sage words of Matt:

Fine or Thin Hair
Use the dryer on medium heat if your hair is fine or thin so as not to scorch your hair. It will dry fast enough with the need of excess heat.

Very Light Blonde Hair
For my extra blond girls, I recommend using this low-heat setting as well so as to not over-dry their already chemically processed ends.

Curly Hair
When diffusing, use the dryer on the highest heat, but lowest air power. This way the air will dry your curls without blowing them around, creating soft bouncy locks without frizz. The less air moving, the less frizzy the  finish.

I warn all my clients when styling their own hair to be mindful of the direction in which they are blowing. The air should always be blown in the same direction as the cuticle, meaning roots to the ends. Mindless air blowing will cause frizz and then cause you to further damage to make hair look healthy with the use of heat tools to seal hair shiny.

Use the cold shot on your dryer at the very end of styling to lock in your look. The cold finishes sets and is a great aid to styling tools like texturizing sprays or mineral sprays.

Thanks, Matt!

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  1. elica

    Thanks Matt! Than you so much for the tips! It helped me a lot! I have a very curly hair and I think you know how difficult it is to blow dry and still achieve best results! I use ionic blow dryers, will you give me an advice if that would be okay for the kind of hair I have? Well, again thank you!


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