Random Beauty Product from Another Country I’m Irrationally Obsessed With: Bio Supplements Cappuccino Rico Shampoo and Conditioner

You know, when it comes to scent in hair care, quality and longevity of fragrance is actually low on my list of rubrics. My friend Lauren actually doesn’t know how I used almost exclusively PureOlogy Super Straight Shampoo and Conditioner for a year when it smelled, in her words, “like a Phish concert.” But for me, performance is paramount–and that PureOlogy gem loosened my waves and gave my frizz the boot in the pre-Brazilian keratin treatment days. With regard to hair, it’s all about getting down to “the heart of the matter,” in the sage words of Don Henley.

So in a bizarre twist of fate, I’m now ADDICTED to the heavenly ultra-fresh scent of Brazilian import Bio Supplements Cappuccino Rico Shampoo and Conditioner. Even more cra? It doesn’t smell like a latte, the way you’d expect. Bio Supplements Cappuccino Rico Shampoo and Conditioner unleashes a subtle refreshingly clean fragrance that reminds me of the golden age of drugstore shampoos. It inspires me to sing to myself, “Nothing less than FINESSE!” and “Like you just stepped out of a salooooooooooooooooon!” The salt-free shampoo gives my hair a thorough cleansing almost worthy of clarifying shampoo, while it leaves my hair hydrated, soft and shiny. The conditioner is uber-moisturizing and detangling as well.

Bio Supplements Cappuccino Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $18 each at Maria Bonita Spa in NYC or at braziliansupplements.com, the Masque for $25. And while you’re at Maria Bonita, take advantage of their Good To Go package which includes an Envix treatment, Brazilian manicure and blow-out for $75–you’ll be in and out in only an hour.

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