Fictionary: Glombre

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Surely you’ve heard of ombre highlights (and please, for the love of Moroccanoil, stop pronouncing it HOMBRE–it’s ahm-br) by now, the hottest hair color concept of 2010.  The key to getting the look to be more glombre (glam + ombre–courtesy of my epic stylist Matthew Fugate) and less… hombre is to ensure your H-lights are within the same color family as your roots–and that you keep it within four shades of difference. 

Once you get the right shade, you can rock roots to your heart’s content. Laziness never looked so good. Viva glombre! 

What do you think about ombre highlights? 

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2 Comments Fictionary: Glombre

  1. Shar

    I really, really wanted this, but can’t find a place that can do them right. Where does Lily Aldrige go? Riddle me that.


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