Layer, Baby, Layer

By Carol (my mother)
Layering is not my strong suit. 
 I never seem to have on hand the right combination of elements. Either  the tee or camisole is the wrong length, not the proper weight or fabric, or the color is off. After an inordinate amount of time spent stewing in my closet, I can only wonder, do other women go through this infuriating form of sartorial torture or is it only me?  It is ego-deflating, to boot, since the message of fashion today couldn’t be clearer:  to be unable to layer is tantamount to being unable to dress.
Lucky for me then, I have no such problem layering on beauty products.  Merrily, I apply them every day with perfect ease. 
Layer No. 1: Eye cream
Eye Dew Repair/Protect AM by Arcona comes in a sleek, minimalist cylinder that conveys authority and truly delivers. The cream/gel it dispenses has sticking power and promises to be a great defense against the winds of winter. Its “protective anti-aging formula” includes shea butter, hyaluronic acid, beta fructan and liquid crystals plus blueberry extract and vitamin E, among other nourishing nutrients.  “Benefits are cumulative with regular use” says the blurb and I must say, I see an improvement after only 3 days.  The delicate skin around my eyes seems firmer.  A keeper. 

Layer No. 2:  Serum
La Mer’s The Lifting Face Serum is applied with the fingertips over the face and neck.  A semi-transparent emollient, it seems to leave an organic resonance on the skin, preparing it nicely for
Layer No. 3:  Moisturizer
In my last post, I wrote about creating your own tinted moisturizer.  Dior’s Capture Total Multi-Perfection Concentrate is ideally suited to that task, considering that it dispenses its silken treasure in discrete little bursts, so you can count on getting the exact  amount you need for your mix.  It’s also perfect on its own, with just the requisite richness. Elegant. 
Another moisturizer from Paris that I adore is Odile Lecoin’s Or j’aime “THE ultimate day cream” which is no exaggeration, believe me. It comes in a stylish gold-rimmed glass bottle with an ergonomic dispenser tip and applies like a dream.  A smooth white liquid pervades and penetrates the face and neck with a cool wetness that feels like a promise of continual hydration.  I love this product .

So, layering is good.  In fact, I may just try my luck again with clothes.                                     

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