Destination: Procrastination

TheGloss has some ideas for other stuff for the Marie Claire editors to dislike. Like alligators.

Ten spooky dream symbols, decoded

I’ve been on Bieber, Perry, Gaga and Swift watch at MTV all week this week!
[MTV Buzzworthy]

Seven different ways to wear the same black pencil skirt, from super casual to cocktail-party fancy:
[Already Pretty]

Last-minute Halloween makeup idea: Flapper!

Crushable created a guide to help you cheat your way through the World Series:

My boobs are too big, but I love them anyway: An essay
[College Candy]

Modern-day relationship tips from Jackie O & Marilyn Monroe
[Your Tango]

Derek Lam is launching an exclusive collection on eBay and YOU get to choose what’s in it!
[What’s Haute]

Three dress picks for semi-formal season
[College Fashion]

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