Hanky Panky: A Visit to the Panty Palace!

A vintage Hanky Panky camisole. Check out the charming label.

The fabulous J.D. Breen (who resembles a very groomed Zach Morris), Hanky Panky’s Visual Manager,  recently invited me for a tour of the Hanky Panky (you know, the brand your friends all refer to as “the only kind I wear”) headquarters, called the Panty Palace. Most conveniently, it’s located just a hop and a skip from my apartment on 27th and Park. It was a racy, lacy wonderland of gorgeosity.

A fresh “bouquet” at the reception desk.

There, he took me on a tour of the entire joint where he introduced me to everyone from the designers to the seamstresses to the co-founders Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, both of whom were totally down-to-earth and darling. You’d never guess that the pair helm the most popular lingerie brand in GLAMERICA.

The brand is made in New York!

Did you know that this brand is older than I am? It was started in 1977 when designer Gale Epstein created a handmade lingerie set for her friend Lida Orzeck (the co-owners) made out of embroidered hankerchiefs. The original designs (Gale showed me one!) impressed retailers and industry experts and inspired the name Hanky Panky. I love the brand’s retro moniker. It conjures a decidedly Lorraine McFly lexicon of phrases like “getting handsy” and “dreamy.” In fact, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has selected Hanky Panky’s original Hanky Panky lingerie (Lida’s original pair) for its permanent costume collection. “Don’t worry, they were clean,” Lida deadpanned, upon sharing this info.

The School Spirit Collection.
Hanky Panky wash kit ($19) at HankyPanky.com

Next, J.D. showed me the latest from HP. The brand has an adorable college-themed School Spirit Collection that’s perfect for your college roommate’s bachelorette party as a gift to remember her alma mater. New offerings from the brand include the gossamer Bridal Trousseau and the slightly scandalous (and yet, somehow still tasteful) After Midnight Collection. I got to take home a jar of the brand’s Lingerie Wash to ensure my brightly-hued panties stay that way, in addition to a hanging drying rack.

Glambr undies!

The best part? J.D. provided me with a VERY spesh parting gift courtesy of Hanky Panky–a personalized pair of underpants emblazoned with “Glambr,” my Twitter handle. Love!

Grab yourself some of the comfiest thongs in the game at hankypanky.com.

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