Vintage Scores From Lambertville, NJ

My parents do the same thing every weekend. They drive out to Lambertville, New Jersey (across the river from New Hope, Pennsylvania) and hit up the antique shops and flea markets. They used to insist I come with them when I was younger and I’d bitch and moan about it until I discovered doll houses and miniatures in general. If you think my beauty obsesh is epic, it actually comes SECOND to my former fixation on dollhouses and mini furniture. I loved that shit. Anyway, guess who ran to the car when my parents left on their weekly trip during a visit to Philly a few weekends ago?

Moi. Because I was on a mish for some vintage beauty wares and did I ever find them. I purchased two retro compacts–one nameless but gloriously yellow gem and one gold Max Factor one (complete with untouched powder! SO OLD!) and the piece de resistance–a 1953 issue of BRITISH Vogue. It’s a special edition–the Queen’s coronation issue. It was like unearthing a buried TREASURE. Check the pics:

 It says it costs three shillings and sixpence. DICKENS currency, for crying out loud! I paid a bit more than that ($10). But so so worth it! Have you ever scored some awesome vintage beauty items? Do tell!

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