Sponsored Post: Melvita Lips Stick

Invariably, I adore anything with Argan Oil.

Three case studies: Moroccanoil, Josie Maran Bronzing Oil and Guerlain Tinted Self-tanning Gel. So when I discovered organic skin care products brand Melvita (sister company of L’Occitane) boasts a phenomenal lip balm which they charmingly call Lips Stick ($10), comprised of Argan Oil and Shea Butter, I couldn’t wait to try it. Parenthetically, every time I say the brand’s name to myself, I sing the song from this retro Velveeta commercial, substituting “Velveeta” with “Melvita.” Natch.

How do I love thee, Melvita Lips Stick? Let me count the ways. Literally.

1. I love that this lip balm is Big Business. Like that movie. I saw Big Business in the theater and fell in love with that Steve Winwood song, Higher Love. I think of the final scene in the film every time I hear it on the radio. Anywho. So it’s a big lip balm, so it covers more surface area quickly, which is great for moisturizing on the go.

2. Also fabulous: The fact its cardboard packaging is so natural, I thought it housed a stick inside a disposable outer encasement, like a Russian nesting doll. Turns out, it’s just the balm’s bio-degradable container.Tricky! Yet green.

3. I’m refreshed by the balm’s subtle mandarin fragrance.

4. Its hydrating powers are deep and REAL, people. A quick slick yields instant penetration to eradicate flakiness and sun damage.

5. It doubles as an on-the-spot hydrator for dry cuticles or Sahara-skin patches anywhere you need it.

Do I even need to say anything else? Even Elizabeth Barette Browning would agree: Get INVOLVED.

Disclosure: Though the post was sponsored, I purchased the item myself.

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