Tweezertown, Population One

So, a couple weeks ago, I’m in the Philly ‘burbs, chillaxing with my fam, S.S. Fair and my BFF since Kindergarten, Lee, at my belated family birthday party I share every year with my dad, whose birthday is the next week after mine. Later, Lee and I are driving back from dropping S.S. off back at her brother’s house in the Main Line, when I notice she has a pair of tweezers in her car.

“Oh!” she exclaims. “That’s for when I have to go to Tweezertown.” I mean… have we met? Obviously, I’m loving this nomenclature. “Tell me more!” I shriek. “You know,” explains Lee. “It’s for those times when you mysteriously grow a random hair somewhere on your face that’s unacceptable.” Know it? Sometimes I’m the town’s mayor. 

My favorite vehicle with which I sojourn to Tweezertown is Anastasia Tweezers. I keep multiple pairs around for when I’m suddenly called to the municipality–one in my desk at the office where I freelance, one in my travel makeup bag, one in my purse. Yes, they’re a bit spendy. They are bar none the best tweezers I’ve ever owned. The Italian-made gems are perfectly slanted so that you can extract even the most stubborn offensive hair. They grip with the precision of a Swiss timepiece and yet, never cut the hair in question. These suckers boast calibrated tension, so the springiness yields plucks with less pain. Previously, I was a believer in drugstore tweezers. I’d long been rocking a pair of LaCross ones that did the job, but alas, now I can’t go back. Fancypants tweezers, friends. It’s the most direct route to Tweezertown.

Definitely obtain one in one of Anastasia’s kits; it’s far more economical. A la carte, Anastasia Tweezers retail for $28.

See y’all in Tweezertown.

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  1. Chris

    I’ve been there. This is akin to spotting something stuck between my teeth–which could be the topic of an entire blog post I’m borderline OCD when it comes to MRT (Meal Remnants in the Teeth).


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