Official Mascara Correspondent: MAC Opulash Mascara Review

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci is back with a review! This time, she test-drives MAC Cosmetics Opulash Mascara ($14). Here’s Ashleigh’s rave review:

Two words: Massive brush! This is the mama of all mascara brushes; large, fat and tapered. The wet formula gave me major density at the roots and soft fluffy texture at the tips. Because of this major moisture, I went right in for a second coat before moving onto the other eye. I have to say I was happy with coat one and coat two didn’t really do much. So I went for coat three, just to see what happened. Coat three took it to false-lash status, which is fun for the right occasion. My mid-day touch-up was best at the roots, with the tips being a little too brittle to hold more product. And the cherry on top is that it washed off with soap and water.

I’d for sure buy this baby.

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1 Comment Official Mascara Correspondent: MAC Opulash Mascara Review

  1. CaReese

    This is good to know. I’ve been wondering about opulash. I hear that it is everything you could ever want in a mascara: volumizing, lengthening, and curling. Since I’m in need of serious lash assistance in every way, I will probably go grab a bottle… today!


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