Warren Tricomi Sale on Ideeli

Get involved with the Warren Tricomi sale, going on now at ideeli. Need an invite? Mama’s got you covered: ideeli.com/invite/beautybloggingjunkie.

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4 Comments Warren Tricomi Sale on Ideeli

  1. Amber Katz

    Also, I post these beauty brand sample sales because I’ve received feedback that people like knowing about them. It’s additional content, it’s not alternative content.

  2. Amber Katz

    Thanks for your comment, anon. Just so you know, out of 2,947 posts I’ve written since 2006, NINE of them are sponsored posts. And I post at least one substantial post per day. I understand your point that there are a few more product announcements and sample sale announcements sprinkled throughout… but the amount of editorial hasn’t changed.

  3. Anonymous

    I used to enjoy this blog a lot more when there were many more actual product reviews and less “filler” ie. sale announcements, sponsored posts, and “new product” announcements with no accompanying review…

    There used to a lot more actual content versus just fluff…


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