What’s on Lori Goldstein’s Vanity?

The What’s On Your Vanity Series showcases a single beauty item the interviewee loves because it’s effective, but also she feels she must keep out on top of her vanity because the gorgeous packaging must be displayed. 

Lori Goldstein is a straight-up spesh gal and I KNEW she’d have a straight-up spesh vanity. Naturally, Lori doesn’t have just one fabulous vanity item; she has several perfumes, lipsticks, inspiring photographs, healing stones and beautiful vases adorning hers. It’s like a Where’s Waldo pic: Can you spot each piece? Lori breaks it down for you! In her words:

Love my pic of Madonna from her Sex book! What an amazing gift from Steven Meisel. If that doesn’t remind me what one must do to stay focused during the day, nothing will! 

One of my fave designers is Ted Muehling. I live for my porcelain jars from him and my gorge vase with the orchid in it. I love, love, love nature and anything that reminds me of it. 

There is a malachite soap dish, a crystal for good energy and marble base on my heavenly mirror from MOSS, the best home design destination there is. 

My alabaster box is one of MANY! I love my agate counter that I went to the stone yard and picked out myself. It was like Barney’s of the stone world. 

My beauty regimen is basically fragrance and lipstick. That’s it. The gold leaf tray holds all my lipsticks and each day one of them speaks to me… bright red…orange… deep burgundy.. I LOVE THEM ALL! 

And the little picture behind my fragances is Kiki on toilet, taken by MAN RAY…. It’s good to get up in the morning!!!! 

Lastly, I can’t forget my MURAKAMI hair clips that were a birthday present from my best friend and my Swarovski hair barrettes. I’m known for my barrettes!! And I’ve never met a Swarovski I didn’t LOVE!! 🙂

Thanks, Lori! That’s pretty much the most gorgeous stuff per square inch I’ve seen on a vanity.. ever. Stay tuned for more What’s On Your Vanity!

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