X-treme Eyelash Extensions At Sam Brocato Salon

Do you guys feel like I talk about my eyelash extension addiction more than Mr. Rogers’ puppets in his Neighborhood talked about the opera they were always planning? Cause I do. Put on a cardigan, swap your dress shoes for some sneakers and let’s discuss.

Why do I talk about my lash extensions so much? They’re my luxurious service I simply can’t live without. I’ve had them on with several rounds of refills since December and I just really enjoy skipping eye makeup in the morning while maintaining a glam look.

This time, I hit up the talented Beatriz Najara at my regular salon stomping ground, Sam Brocato Salon. She uses Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, the effect of which looked gorgeously natural–just with an extra added pizazzy length. The service ranges from $50-$400 and takes a bit longer than a couple of the other salons I’ve experienced. For me, to get a refill (though my lashes were, admittedly at the end of their extended rope after six weeks) I was there for a bit over three hours. It is a long time to be laying down with your eyes closed, but the effects are totally worth it. Bea’s precision is appreciated; she hand-glues on each lash to extend every single one. It’s the No Lash Left Unextended Act of 2010. I’ve shed very few in the week and a half I’ve had these babies on and I love it.

Book the service with Beatriz at Sam Brocato online here.

Disclosure: This service was provided free of charge for editorial consideration.

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4 Comments X-treme Eyelash Extensions At Sam Brocato Salon

  1. envyderm

    I had lash extensions done about a month and a half ago and I love them! I was told that the first time you get your set of lashes, they will last between 1-4 weeks. Then after a fill, it should last 4-8 weeks. I had to get a fill after 3 weeks. Now I’m waiting to see how long it will last. The reason for the short term stay of your first time lashes is because you have to remember not to rub them and not to use oil based products, etc…. Once you’re aware of your delicate lashes, it should last for weeks….

  2. Amber Katz

    Hi UO!

    I get them applied once a month. These definitely look more dramatic than natural. It didn’t hurt me when they applied it, but it’s a bit pokey when they’re attaching them to your natural lashes. Hope that helps!


  3. Unapologetically opinionated

    how often do you apply them? i had eyelash extensions once, but they really didn’t seem to make a difference. they looked “too natural” I almost prefer the fake ones, they look fake but amazing at the same time 😉 it just sucks that you have to keep buying them over and over again. it can get expensive. I just got a 15% off coupon at sephora from beezag.com so i’m planning to buy a new set now. You guys should try it, you need a pin to log in, i used “cvmark” and got access. hope it works for you guys

    ps: also..doesnt it hurt when you get the lashes in? the permanent ones i mean


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