Shu Uemura to Exit U.S.

Worst. News. Ever. Where am I going to try on fierce lashes NOW? One of my favorite Saturday afternoon activities WAS trying on lashes at the Bloomingdale’s Tokyo Lash Bar and then reading foreign fashion mags at Barnes & Noble. This just in:

Per WWD:
L’Oréal USA said Monday that it will close all U.S. operations of Shu Uemura Cosmetics.

L’Oréal took a 35 percent stake in Shu Uemura in 2000, going on to acquire a controlling interest in November 2003. The brand’s current U.S. distribution was forged in 2004, although selected stockkeeping units entered the American market in 2003.

Though Shu Uemura counters in the U.S. will be shuttered, American Shu lovers can rest assured that they’ll still be able to buy Shu online at

Source: WWD 

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