Sunsilk Launches Revamped Line Co-Created With Teddy Charles

Have you ever arrived at an event and wished you wore your prom dress?

That’s how I felt when I met Teddy Charles at the “backstage situation” created by Sunsilk to launch their new line of reformulated products, co-created with the hunk of a (straight!) stylist, himself. It’s like… he looks like that… and you think, he MUST be kidding. Seriously. Read more…
The man modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch a few years ago. I think ELLE‘s Maura Kelly said it best: If high-fashion hair stylists had their own magazine-equivalent of Tiger Beat, he would grace the cover every week.

Orlando Pita protege (he was formerly his assistant) Brian blew out my hair using the new Sunsilk Curl Cream. The results were a volumized (no one studies at the helm THE Orlando and leaves you without volume at the root) softly waved ‘do. THEN, Teddy Charles (also a Pita protege, BTW) himself touched it up before my photo shoot. That man is skilled, friends. A fellow blogger asked why I didn’t speak to him in French (I majored in the subject). I replied, “It’s charitable that you even thought I could manage to speak to him in English.” I could barely get out a sentence in front of this dude without morphing into a swooning mess a la Lorraine McFly.

Definitely check out the brand’s reformulated Captivating Curls line, my fave of the bunch.

The curl creme tamed my frizzed out mess easily and imparted a subtle scent. Plus, every bottle is priced at $5 bucks or under, and is currently available at Walmart and

Makeup was courtesy of the fabulous Ashleigh B Ciucci. This gal knows her stuff. I’m going to bring her on as BBJ’s official Mascara Correspondent (since I can no longer test mascara, thanks to my eyelash extensions obsession). Ashleigh introduced me to two new products I plum can’t live if living is without: La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush and Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Calypso, the pinked-out red I’ve been looking for all my life. It is the Platonic Ideal of pink/red hybrids. She even let me keep hers, just because it looked so close to Katy Perry perfection on my lips. What a dollface, right?

After posing for some pics (with a WIND MACHINE (Ted Gibson would be so proud!) and catching up with some fellow bloggers, I hit the road with Eileen and was crushed to find out it was raining and I had no umbrella. Alas, this ‘do was worth saving. TEDDY himself had his hands in my hair. Heck, I wanted to fossilize it. I briefly considered running across the street to the Jehovah’s Witness Center simply to save my strands. Even if I had to convert for twenty minutes until the deluge passed…. It would have been worth it. Luckily, a cab saved me from a potential religious makeover and all was well. Do you love my headshot? It’s courtesy of the amazing Ana Schechter.

With Aly, Eileen, TEDDY CHARLES, Andrea and Kristin. I’m demonstrably elated to be next to Teddy. Obviously.

Photos (except for the headshot, which Ana Schechter took) courtesy of the fabulous Jamie!

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