Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Concealer Shadow Base Review

Since the introduction of eyelash extensions into my lifestyle, I wear very little makeup during the day. Just some concealer, a bit of foundation if I need it and lipstick and I’m good to go. Because I’m going so minimal, I’ve started focusing on the quality of my no makeup makeup items and skin and that’s why I love Benefit’s new concealer/shadow base, Stay Don’t Stray.

I was born with totally visible blue and purple veins in my eyelids (don’t act like you haven’t noticed them). There are days when they look like the perfect abstract art and there are days when I’m so grossed out by them. I’ve been told the veins are common in psychics. Well, my sixth sense is rather fine-tuned (just try to win at Rock, Paper Scissors with me… it won’t happen) but the world doesn’t need to know it by looking at my mug. You know? A little dab of this concealer/primer covers all imperfections with its thin consistency. Its yellow undertones will flatter a variety of skin tones and gives an added oomph to my more heavy duty undereye concealer.

Its pump dispenser is hygienic, but I wish it would pump out a smaller amount so as not to distribute more product than I need at once. But other than that, I’m into this product.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Concealer/Shadow Base retails for $24 at

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Disclosure: A press sample was provided for editorial consideration by Benefit.

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