Envix Hair Treatment And Brazilian Manicure At Maria Bonita Spa

Maria Bonita Spa is swiftly becoming my SoHo spa go-to. The Brazilian model hotspot boasts fantastic service, supreme quality beauty delights from facials to Brazilian waxes and yields ZERO pretension. I feel utterly at ease in the red and white adorned haven and have been much impressed with each service I received thus far.

I enjoyed a Brazilian Manicure ($22), which differs from your standard issue polish treatment. My nail tech Rosalie painted polish all over my cuticles, much the way a toddler would if you’d asked her for a manicure. I got nerve. But then, she took a pointed orange stick and swiped around the cuticle to create a barrier of skin in between the messy overflow which had spilled onto my finger. Then, she wrapped cotton around the pointed end of the stick and cleaned up the rest of the excess. The result? A fabulous, glossy manicure that coated the entire nail (no spaces of bare nail on the edges) and looked thorough and smooth. It lasted a full week with zero chips, as well. I chose a magenta polish (the shade is called Poema) by an indigenous Brazilian brand Maria Bonita houses called Risque. Rosalie was a pure delight. I love that Brazilians are much like Israelis (and most Mediterranean people) in that they will make all your decisions for you (like Monica did for Rachel in that Friends episode)–even when they’ve just met you. To that end, Rosalie insisted I drink a mint tea (she could see I had the remnants of a cold) and when I insisted it wasn’t necessary, had Roger, whom I visited for gorgeous curled blowout post-mani, make me a steaming glass of mint tea. It turns out, tea was necessary.

While Rosalie attended to my nails, we let my Envix Super Premium Hair Treatment ($50) soak and repair my winter ravaged hair. The results were fabulous. I noticed an increased shine and flexibility to my hair immediately upon drying it thanks to its potent cocktail of proteins, vitamins and natural actives like macadamia oil.

You must invest in the Envix before your next event. It’s envisixcellent. I’m still seeing the effects a full week later. Call 212-431-1520 and make your own appointment.

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Disclosure: Both beauty services were comped for editorial consideration

5 Comments Envix Hair Treatment And Brazilian Manicure At Maria Bonita Spa

  1. Amber

    Hey Michelle! This is upsetting to me that you’re not into it. I think you need to try ONE Brazilian mani before you write it off. I loved it!

    Samara, the cutting of the cuticle is so key. The Brazilian mani looks so much NEATER!

  2. Samara

    Ohh I wish I lived in NY. I’m a brazilian living in Ohio and around here I would never be able to find such treatments. I love Risque brand of nail polishes and yes, us brazilians do the nails a bit different, we also remove the cuticles. I will save the name of that salon and whenever I go to NY I’ll pay them a visit. Thanks for the tip Amber and have a great week.

  3. All Lacquered Up

    I’m not sure how I feel about them painting polish on the skin. Seems awfully drying to have all those chemicals, including the remover, applied to such a sensitive area. The polish colors look cool though.


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