Do As Models Do And Head to Maria Bonita Spa

I just took a mini pre-FW spa day and indulged in a super speedy Brazilian wax ($48) and Brazilian facial ($90) with the fastest, most efficient aesthetician I’ve ever met, Regina at Brazilian salon Maria Bonita Spa. This full -service salon is a Micro Brazil situated in notoriously beauty barren Nolita, at 12 Prince Street on the corner of Elizabeth Street. “I did 23 bikini waxes yesterday,” Regina informed me, matter of factly as I lay down on the table. I am not surprised. This no-nonsense beauty expert proceeded to take care of my Brazilian business below in approximately three minutes imparting minimal pain. Definitely worth it.

Let’s discuss my facial, and how necessary it was. I had some major facial pollution going on (not to be TMI) and hadn’t had a minute to go in for a facial since… JULY. Oiy. Couple that with my increased hours at work and I have been fighting some problem skin. Gross. Regina exhumed my violently clogged pores with efficiency, though not a light hand. At one point, I feared I’d emerge from the spa with a deviated septum, but I have to say: she got the job done. She respected my lash extensions by placing gauze on them while I steamed, another bonus. She attacked my phone zone area on my chin and treated the eruptions there with a zapper-esque tool which evidently removes bacteria from the pores.

The spa is a favorite among models and it’s easy to see why. Call 212-431-1520 and make your own appointment yourself. Then, prepare for your own catwalk. Even if it’s your hallway within your apartment. In the words of RuPaul, “you better work.”

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*Disclosure: Both services were provided free of charge for editorial consideration.

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