Destination: Procrastination


In case you just can’t keep keeping on, here’s a little web candy to provide a nice little distraction from your Thursday tasks at hand.

Incorporate color into your daytime repertoire without looking like a lady of the night [College Candy]

A most unsettling tome extolling the virtues of… settling [Lemondrop]

Channel Lolita with these tips from stylist Guido Palau []

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki gets a makeunder [The Cut]

Do you rock multiple ‘dos within a single hour? You might be a hair spaz. [Glamour Girls In The Beauty Department]

Cristina Mueller cheats on her usual Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (a fave of mine) and falls hard for a new face wash [Lucky’s The Beauty Department]

The Fug Girls have many questions about Jennifer Hudson’s various and sundry outfits at the Grammys. Cast your vote for fug or fab [Go Fug Yourself]

Image: College Candy

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