LOST Recap/Analysis of LA X Parts 1 & 2 Update

Hi, my geequals!

I’m devising theories as we speak, but I’m waiting to read Doc Jensen’s legendary analysis of last night’s LOST season premiere, LA X Parts 1 & 2. Some major themes I’ve identified for this season:

1. Comic books–Mostly DC, but also Marvel universes
2. Philosophy (nothing new, but worth mentioning–specifically Kierkegard
3. The introduction of the new storytelling device, the Flashsideways

My friend Dave brought up an interesting parallel to the biblical story of Jacob/Esau. It seems this Spy vs. Spy story of good/evil and light/dark is playing out in a most direct allusion to the story of Jacob and Esau. Lastly, Sayid is Jacob 2.0 slash Fake-ob.

I’ll be with you shortly. In the meantime, check out my previous LOST posts and discuss your theories in the comments!

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