Celebs at Sundance!

Though the general aesthetic of the Sundance Film Festival revolves around boots with the fur, jeans and puffy coats, the stars who frequented the Entertainment Weekly suite still managed to look put together. Natural makeup was the trend as it seems bordering on insanity to pile on pounds of makeup to complement your leggings and thermal get-up. Right? Here’s a list of some of the celebrity highlights of the weekend:

Kate Mara


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Kate Mara showed up rocking a sparkly hat, a maroon sweater, jeans and tall brown boots. She looked chic in a creamy neutral pink lip.

Amanda Peet


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Amanda Peet looked natural with a bit of brow definition and light makeup. Said pregnant Peet, “OMG, I’m so excited right now, you don’t even know!” after receiving her gift bag of L’Oreal.

Parker Posey


Credit: © Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Parker Posey was wearing an ankle length plaid skirt and boasted a supercute crop with bangs. She joked that she wanted to take home the L’Oreal Paris-branded pillows that adorned the suite.

Dakota Fanning


Credit: © Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Dakota Fanning embraced the sparkly hat trend and looked elegant with long, straight blonde locks and natural makeup with lotsa lashes.

Josh Radnor


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

This sighting changed up the situation from Sundance to Fundance. My crush on him doubled when I saw him drinking a coffee with adorably mussed hair.

Ben Affleck


Credit: © Mark Von Holden/WireImage

Having Ben Affleck in my “dance space” pretty much made my decade. Not to be dramatic, but it was actually in the top three moments of my life. The L’Oreal Paris gals and I discussed him ad nauseum the rest of the day.

Jonah Hill


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

Jonah Hill definitely brought the vibe of the suite up a notch. He was cracking jokes with his fellow castmates before heading up the stairs to his shoot.

James Franco


Credit: © Matt Carr/Getty Images

James Franco looked deliciously disheveled, as only he knows how. Said a fellow suite squatter, “I wouldn’t mind rolling out of the other side of the bed he clearly just rolled out of.” She has a point.

Dax Shephard


Credit: © Jeff Vespa/Wire Image

Dax Shephard asked to get powdered up at the L’Oreal Paris makeup station before his shoot. “Feel free to make my nose look smaller,” Shephard quipped.

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