Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator On Sale

Dolls, I was just discussing the best dark circle assassins with Moshida Man‘s mom via email when I discovered that one such solution is on sale for only $7. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? It’s not even a drugstore darling. It’s Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator. This is something you pick up at Sephora, not at Duane Reade whilst listening to drugstore jams such as Benny Mardones’ Into The Night. This creamy potion of magical iridescence diffuses light under the eye area making it the perfect concealer companion.

Grab one before they’re sold out and you’ll surely look 16 years old. “Leave her alone,” they say… SEPARATED BY FOOLS–Okay. But do pick one up, take it into the night (or day) and it’ll show you an anti-aging love like you’ve never seen.

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8 Comments Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator On Sale

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, I think you’re on to something… conspiracy to make us thoughtlessly impulse terrible things, mayhaps, out of total commiseration with B. Mardones?

  2. Anonymous

    Truly random… My husband and I hear this song ALL THE TIME when we grocery shop and we love(??) the way he just goes absolutely crazy and loses control toward the end of the song!!


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