I Am A Golden God: Three Gold-Infused Beauty Prods

It’s a fine line with gold products, isn’t it? A little gold here and there and you’re flipping fly. Too much and your look becomes a bigger disast than New Coke. Here are my three fave products that get it exactly right. You could call it… the gold standard. Check it:

Rococo Nail Apparel in Gold Leaf ($16.50)

As our resident IT profesh at Daily Makeover Michael U says, “This stuff is like Goldschlagger for nails.” Becca’s drink of choice in Superbad! Sparse flecks of gold sparkle in this heterogeneous mixture of clear nail varnish. Rococo drew inspiration from the splendour of 18th century Versailles. Thel lacquer contains large flecks of 24 carat gold leaf, which you can apply over color as a topcoat or alone for a glossy, quick drying golden finish. LUXE, luxe, luxe.

Rococo Nail Apparel in Gold Leaf is available at Space.NK.

ANEW Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion ($34)
This gold-infused clear gel moisturizer goes on without sparkly pomp and circumstance, but creates a subtle sheen whilst yielding a fresh scent. I rocked this nightly during sleep depriving New York Fashion Week and awoke on day A MILLION looking NOT like a drowned rat. Best testimonial I can give. Includes a rare skin-strengthening fusion of patented Pro-Sirtuin TX and Gold Polypeptide technologies. Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology is formulated to stimulate sirtuin youth proteins for healthier cells, and activate remodeling proteins to help restructure and strengthen skin. Gold Polypeptide Complex is engineered to help replenish skin’s moisture reserves and maintain its youthful structure.

ANEW Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion is available through an Avon representative or online at www.avon.com

Tatcha Aburatorigami (30 sheets for $12)

Can you EVEN? This powder alternative absolutely ENCHANTS me. These gold flake infused papers were originally created for gold leaf artisans and were discovered by geisha in the 1800s for its skin benefits. They’re all-natural, fragrance-free and homemade. Simply pat a leaflet anywhere you’d like to reduce oil. Don’t coat you skin with crap, simply soak up the excess. It’s SIMP.

Tatcha Aburatorigami is sold at tatcha.com.

What golden products are blowing back your hair? Tell me in the comments!

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