Going Glam at L.A.M.B.

L.A.M.B - Gwen Stefani - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Ms. Stefani herself

L.A.M.B.’s spring look was characterized by a 2010 take on decades past: ’50s redux through an ’80s lens. Donald Simrock for MAC created bold futuristic eyes by first using a white eye pencil as a base to brighten a layer of blue liquid liner on top. “Without using the white underneath, the blue would read as too dark–almost as black, so the white pencil brightens the color,” explained Simrock. Lashes were defined with MAC Dazzle Lash. Lips were colored with a fresh take on nude. Simrock blended a semi-matte black lipstick with a nude one to create a greyed-off modern nude hue.

Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva used a white polish on rounded-square shaped nails with no top coat for a semi-matte finish. Toes were adorned with a combination of Red Carpet and New York Slice Dashing Diva shades.

L.A.M.B - Final Looks - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Danilo for Pantene created a scupturesque hair concept inspired by Gwen’s tomboy spirit. Said Danilo, “Because the clothes are so sheer, dreamy and feminine, to pair them with sweet hair would just be… gross.” I agree. To temper the sweetness, Danilo toughened up hair with an updo with lots of volume in the front and on top. The sides were pulled back into a knot. The undone texture in front was reminiscent of the men’s hairstyles in Grease. Very “a hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.” Danilo’s budget hair tip: Invest in a Sonia Kashuk brush. She created one with a mixture of natural and plastic bristles that works just as well as a Mason Pearson, but costs a mere $19 at Target.

L.A.M.B - Danilo and Donald Simrock

L Danilo for Pantene R Donald Simrock for MAC

L.A.M.B - Final looks - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

L A model shows off her bold blue eye makeup R Another model poses with Pattie Yankee from Dashing Diva

Image credit: Nathan Bush for Daily Makeover

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