BBJ Loves Jason Backe.

Dolls, I’m about to hop on board the not-so-chic New Jersey Transit to go to the Pleasantdale Chateau for Shelby‘s wedding. But first, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my MANE MAN Jason Backe. Yesterday, when I tweeted about how not pleased I was when an Ann Taylor clerk told me I resembled Portia de Rossi (she’s very pretty, but her eyebrow hair contrast is STARK, and I’m pretty sure that’s what the clerk was trying to tell me), Jason told me to come on in to the Ted Gibson Salon for a brow dye job, gloss and blow-out with the blow-out queen (and Jason’s assistant) Jan Arteca, no appointment necessary. My hair looks freaking fly, and my hue seems to the general unassuming public to be the color I was born with. And for that, I have Jason to thank.

You’re the best, doll!


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