Doing Double Beauty Duty: Pout & Polish

I work two jobs (the one that pays the beauty bills, as Julia says, AND writing this blog) so I expect my products to multitask as well. My new beauty two-in-one tool is Pout & Polish ($20). It combines the whitening genius of Dr. Jablow’s proprietary intelliWHiTE STAiN ERASER on one end (which delivers fresh breath and improves oral health) and a minty, clear gloss on the other end infused with green tea, cranberry extract, CoQ10, vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid that shines and polishes up your lips in a flash.

I like that the “business” end erases stains before they set (a great red wine companion) and creates a barrier to prevent new ones from wreaking havoc. It’s also peroxide-free, so it’s safe. The “party” end imparts a holographic, glittery (yet not cheesy) shine. Love it.

Pout & Polish is sold at

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