Space.NK.apothecary’s Fab Fall Additions

By Liz Shayala

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to the elite beauty mecca, Space.NK.apothecary to learn all about their upcoming fall products. From the luxe exclusive Sonia Kashuk Brush sets to the amazingly sweet and delicious MOR Lip glosses, Space.NK. has everything a beauty buff could ever dream of.

Space.NK owner and founder Nicky Kinnaird was there to showcase her new line, LIFE, which offers effective beauty solutions for everyday use, including candles, body lotions, shower gels and much more. My fave was the Ultimate Unwind Bath and Shower Gel ($22), scented with a Patchouli suede blend (while I was trying to figure out how to put into words exactly how it smelled I ran across urban’s definition: Patchouli- Hippie perfume…smells like forest…and snuggling. I have to say that’s pretty much RIGHT ON!).

For the fall, Space.NK will also be carrying their first ever DIY at-home hair color kits created by celebrity hair colorist, Kelly Van Gough. Nicky vows this is the only at DIY hair color system that she would ever trust (she actually dyed her own hair and loved it!). Space.NK will also carry Kelly Van Gough’s Heads Up! Couture Highlighting Kit ($49), though Nicky warns “less is always more when it comes to home highlights!”

Nicky also introduced us to my newest obsession; Rococo Nail Apparel ($16), which is a mega popular UK brand that is being sold in the US for the first time exclusively through Space.NK. This nail lacquer is ridic–so many colors and a flat brush for easy application (my toes are currently looking gorge in Brocade).
Just an FYI for you trend lovers: Nicky predicts that the hottest fall nail colors will be gun metals and neutral metallics. Expect to see my nails wearing Rococo’s Metal Jacket color come September!

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