For Blair Warner Hair On the Go: Terax’s Travel Kit

I’m loving Terax’s new Travel Kit ($24), which contains TSA-approved sizes of the brand’s top sellers. Never again settle for sub-par hair prods just because they’re under the inhumane regulated 3 ounces.

The kit includes

Terax Crema (two tubes) One of the best conditioners I’ve used in my lifestyle. It hydrates like a dream for touchable, flexible locks. I’ve reviewed this gem in the past, click here for the full run-down. Not to be dramatic or anything? But having these in tiny tubes is pretty much the key to life.

Miele Shampoo (one bottle) I was new to this ‘poo and I’m SOLD. Initially, I steered clear because I’d incorrectly passed it off as a shampoo containing sulfates. And you know, sulfate-fraught shampoos are anathema to me since I got my Jason highlights. But in the sage words of Dr. Houseman, “When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.” I love it for its francophile name, but I’m even more into how it transforms my hair into a softer, calmer version of itself. After washing with it, my locks become date hair. Blair WARNER hair.

Terax Life Drops (one bottle) This leave-in you’ll believe in (to quote INFUSIUM copywriting circa 1997). It’s a protein-packed non-greasy cream that I like to mix with a curl cream to create a “merm.” Its warm vanilla sugar fragrance will entice anyone lucky enough to come within a foot of your mane.

The Terax Travel Kit is available at fine salons nationwide.

The epic Blair Warner, who is one of my hair idols.

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