For Nighttime Showerers

Philosophy’s Falling in Love Perfumed Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath ($22) is the perf “wind-down” nighttime shower accoutrement. I LOVE the way this stuff smells. Love. It’s very subtle and sophist [side note: do you not ADORE “sophist?” My work friend Michael came up with it.] and inspires romantical behavior. Yes, I realize that’s not a word.

A hot shower before bed plus a pillow spritz of The Body Shop’s Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist ($16) smells fresh and calming and ensures sweet dreams will ensue.

I’m a night showerer (most of the time) because of my hair vanity situation. I just can’t spend that kind of time in the morning straightening this haystack in addition to everything else. I also like to wake up as late as is humanly possible so I typically pick out my clothes and get everything I’m taking to work in the morning ready by 11pm the night before. In the morning, it’s a mad rush of face washing, makeup and super-speedy hairstyling. What’s your shower routine? Let me know!

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  1. Anonymous

    I can barely sleep at all if for some reason I can’t shower before bed. Also, my husband and I have a large double-head steam shower with a bench and it is always our best time together all day–romantical or otherwise!

  2. Amber

    Texas Gal, I TOTALLY agree. It grosses me out no end to get in a bed all dirty from the day and stuff. On the weekends, I’ll usually shower a bit earlier (though still in the evenings) but during the week, it’s RIGHT before bed.

  3. A Texas Gal

    It has nothing to do with my hair situation- although it takes forever to do my hair but I have this THING about getting into my clean sheets and not having showered- if I do that then I HAVE to wash my sheets- weird- I know.


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