Nair Salon Divine Body Wax Kit

Okay. I’m for using this kit ($15) only with the express recommendation that you absolutely DO NOT use it on your more “sensitive” bikini areas. Let me repeat that. Use it only on your outer lady parts, not anywhere where you have to contort in the least to apply. Mmkay? It’s not that kind of party, friends. I learned the hard way. I briefly considered leaving a huge conglomerate of wax on myself permanently as I was terrified to remove it. It hurts like a BITCH to peel this stuff off from “down below.” And then, once I removed the first half, I spent 15 minutes convincing myself that asymmetry is so “hot right now,” before finally biting the bullet and doing the full wax.

That said, for the outer not-as-sensitive areas of your bikini zone, it’s perf. I adore that it’s a peel-off wax, so there are no strips required. I routinely run out of strips before I run out of wax. Secondly, this wax yields decent “grab”: it removes a LOT of hair per layer. If you apply it in a sort of thick, 2- or 3- inch sheets and let it dry for about 45 seconds, it’ll pull off in a quick, easily-choreographed move. If you try to pull it off before it’s appropriately hardened, you’ll be miserable. It’ll come off in tiny little increments leaving your hands dripping with sticky messiness and your “area” plagued with tiny bits of wax. Just another reason to keep it out of where you ABSOLUTELY wouldn’t want to have to remove tiny bits of painful wax piece by piece.

The final verdict? I adore it for in-between salon waxing appointments for quick clean up, but don’t even think about going to Brazil with it.

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