Get the Look: Brooke Shields at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmys

Brooke Shields graced the red carpet yesterday evening with a shimmery, sophisticated, sexy makeup look created by Jo Strettell to match her fab fuchsia gown and GORGE waves. The key to her glam look? Enormous lashes offset by minimal eye liner and shimmery purple eye shadow.

Jo Strettell used layers and layers of RIMMEL LONDON’s Glam’Eyes Mascara to coat Brooke’s lashes (top and bottom) and used eye liner only in between the lashes to fill in the roots for a glam’ lash appeal. Brooke loved the effect so much that she took Glam’Eyes with her to recreate the easy glam’ look at home.

For Brooke’s eye lids, Jo used a shimmery purple shadow to accent the bright statement dress and kept her skin dewy but not-too-shiny by dusting an oil-absorbing luminescent powder foundation over a long-lasting liquid foundation.

To keep the accent on the glamorous lashes and lilac-purple eyes, Jo kept her lips nude yet alluring by using a nude beige lipstick mixed with a golden pink shimmer.

How did she achieve that hair? PureOlogy‘s got you covered. Read on, dolls!

1. Prepare the hair with PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo and Condition to give hair the moisture it needs.

2. Cocktail NanoGlaze and StylingLotion together and apply to damp hair for control and shine.

3. NanoGlaze’s humidity resistant properties and shine enhancement in combination with StylingLotion’s medium hold power and shine enhancement gives the perfect combination to blow dry the hair for maximum control.

4. Begin blow drying hair with a medium to large round brush, directing hair away from the face.

5. Once the hair is dry, take 1 ½” or 2” vertical section and apply InCharge FlexibleStylingSpray. Use either a 1” or 1 ½” curling iron (depending on if you want larger or tighter curls). Continue taking vertical sections and spray each section with InCharge FlexibleStylingSpray before curling.

6. Pin each curl with a single prong metal clip.

7. Let hair curl for 20 minutes and remove pins. Cocktail ShineLuxe and NanoWax together and finger comb through hair to create beautiful waves.

8. For a smoother look on top with wave more toward the bottom, (like that of Tina Fey) use a cushion paddle brush through the top to create smoothness. Finish up with a final setting of InCharge FlexibleStylingSpray for a touchable feel and GlossingMist for more shine.

What did you think of Brooke’s look at the Emmys?

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