The Dow is Plummetting, but your Hair Doesn’t Have to: Ted Gibson Schools you on Achieving Volume!

Ted and I. Notice how fabulously big my hair is? It’s the work of Ted himself! Curls courtesy of stylist Haleigh!

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview hair stylist to the stars Ted Gibson. I’ve met Ted a couple of times before (at the Bendel’s Beauty Breakfast and at an exclusive group interview which took place at Ted’s Fifth Avenue salon last spring.) He’s truly one of the kindest, most pleasant, down to earth person ever. He’s like the human equivalent of chamomile tea. You know? Anywho, Ted and his crew spent a day at the Total Beauty suite at the Bryant Park Hotel during Fashion Week last week. One of his on-staff stylists Haleigh created gorge curls in my hair, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Miss Serena Van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl.

What were my burning questions for Ted? Read on, dolls!

Beauty Blogging Junkie: How did you create the famed hair sheets?
Ted Gibson: My friend was the muse! She used dryer sheets and it gave me the idea to create something to refresh, tame, and minimize static.

BBJ: Who are your fave celebrity clients?
TG: I have to say Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, and Anne Hathaway.

BBJ: I wasn’t able to get backstage for the Lela Rose show… but I’m DEEPLY impressed with those phenom braids (pictured, above). How did you create them? Start at the beginning, end at the end. Go.
TG: I started with a deep side part, then cornrowed the front. I braided all the way down to the back, which I made into a chignon created from two braids. You do this by splitting a ponytail into two braids and then wrapping them around each other. Lastly, you rough up the braid with your fingers for an undone/rough texture. The inspiration was an African Safari, it couldn’t look too “done!”

Then, my gal Alexa asked the REAL question. What does Ted recommend for boosting volume? He demonstrated his favorite technique on yours truly. You cannot IMAGINE how much this made my YEAR. Ted says to use a fine tooth comb and backcomb by using circular motions only to create a fullness at the scalp and then spray. I recommend his phenom Beautiful Hold, $21.

This hair gave me confidence when I interviewed Tommy Dunn after a very hangover-ridden morning. As in, I woke up at 8am before a Kiehl’s sponsored breakfast (superfab, BTW.) I was so naush that I would line one eye and then have to rest for 10 minutes. Then I’d get back up, put mascara, again, only one eye and then would have to lie down for a spell. I was moving SLOWLY, friends. I even had to purchase my own Ginger Ale (it was THAT kind of party) before heading to my first appointment of the day. By the time Ted gussied up my ‘do, I was feeling like a million BUCKS. Thanks, Ted.

P.S. How cra is this AIG/Merrill Lynch/Lehman situation? My thoughts are with the employees of all three companies!

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  1. Parisjasmal

    Beautiful curls on a beautiful girl
    and a big beautiful burl(ey) man…that would be Ted. Very very cool!
    Oh and I lurve the Chanel Chocolate nail polish. I am hoping getting a mani with it tomorrow.


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