Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty at Chris Benz – NARS and REDKEN

John Ruidant, lead REDKEN stylist said of the inspiration for Chris Benz’s show: “The hair is an All-American, military rebel with and hint of innocence.” Ruidant achieved the look by leaving most of the hair down or in a loose ponytail with a center part. The hair is then sprayed with Redken Hot Sets 22, curled, then spritzed some Fabricate 03. Ruidant pulls fly-aways from the pony for a more “lived-in” look, “It shouldn’t look too much like a hairdresser worked on the hair,” says Ruidant.

Inspiration: A young teenager from the 70’s, very fresh and innocent with a rebellious side. The concept was a modern take on the 18th Century turning point when clothes were becoming more wearable. “I call this look the Innocent Revolutionary,” said Ayako,lead makeup for NARS, who was inspired by the bright hues of the collection. “I wanted to use a vivid color palette that would complement the collection and give the girls a fresh, innocent look with an edge.”

Look: Concentrating on monochromatic shades, Ayako used beige, yellow, and orange to create a fresh, innocent face. Soft, dewy skin and sparkled cheeks, combined with a brilliant yellow gold eyelid, brought a youthful brightness to the look. Ayako explained, “I did not use mascara because I wanted to create a bare, innocent eye”. A nude-peach gloss finish on the lips rounded out the fresh look.

· Apply NARS Firming Foundation where needed, to cover skin imperfections

· Using The Multiple in Orgasm and apply to cheeks

· Apply a small amount of NARS Loose Powder to entire face to set the base

· With NARS Blush Brush blend both sides of Duo Blush in Hungry Heart (new for Spring 2009), sweeping across entire cheek

· Apply a generous amount of NARS Concealer to entire eyelid, to help color stick

· Apply NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross to entire lid, extending up to eyebrows

· Press NARS Single Eyeshadow in Night Sun (new for Spring 2009) over entire lid and up to brow, letting gold particles fall down onto cheeks

· With NARS Eyebrow Pencils, fill in brows for a soft finish

· Apply a small amount of NARS Concealer to lip

· Use Lipliner Pencil in Fantasia to tone down lip color
· Apply NARS Lip Gloss in Sweet Revenge (new for Spring 2009) to entire lip


Hair info via, image credit: NARS

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