Franken Berry Fall Colors

Berry colors are so hot right now. And you know who I think would be so very GRATIFIED by this info? The underrated Franken Berry of 80s cereal commercial fame. That Count Chocula got SO much more press, n’est-ce pas?

So, as a tribute to the fab Franken Berry who never got his fifteen minutes, I’d like to dedicate this post to him. Why? Because one of the best lipstick formulas to ever cross my path is the exact shade as he is. The lippie is YSL’s Rouge Volupte in 08 Kissable Rose (the shade pictured is different, I just needed you to see the GORGE packaging – click the link to see a swatch of the shade).

Get on board with it, dolls. Its texture is buttery and it glides on with the ease of a comfortable grey sweatshirt. Its color is a more subtle hue but is of the same vivacity as the famed Alexis Bledel lip at the premiere of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. This one is like, the blonde’s counterpart to producing THAT kind of bold pink lip. It’s exacty THAT kind of party. Best of all? It manages to contain SPF 15.

Perhaps Pangloss wasn’t mistaken when he said that this is “the best of all possible worlds.” Who said you can’t discuss 80s cereals and Lebnizian philosophy at the same time? Not me, gals. Not me.

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  1. Anonymous

    I ordered one on and got it in the mail today SAME SHADE!!! OMG!! We are identical makeup whores! I love the texture the best.glides better than a balm and colors are fab! LOVE IT!

    kim chernow-stone

  2. Amber

    Anon, check the link now, I updated it so that it’s Nordstrom, which includes Kissable Rose, as opposed to YSL’s, which mysteriously dropped that shade!


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