Carol’s Column: Cult of Calendula

By Carol (my mother)

Marigolds are on my mind. Particularly pot marigolds. Truth to tell, they’ve never been among my favorite flowers though they have a definite appeal. They’re undeniably cheery in an explicit sort of way. However, despite their showy golden hue, there is nothing shallow about them. These are hard working, purposeful plants. Their Latin name is Calendula officinalis. Calendula has been hailed as a healer for ages by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Indians.

I myself have been devoted to the cult of calendula for decades. The only hand lotion I ever use is actually a homoeopathic preparation put out by the French company, Boiron, called, simply, Calendula Lotion ($13). It is utterly greaseless, absorbs instantly and is unscented. It never fails to do the trick, no matter how chapped my hands are. All winter long I use it liberally, but it’s also excellent in summer for sunburn. Wonderful stuff.

Another fabulous product containing calendula I couldn’t live without is Nature’s Gate Ultimate Comfort Eye Cream ($23). This one contains chamomile as well. It is absolutely perfect for ladies “of a certain age.” It makes any trace of sagging around the eye area seem to disappear without causing any annoying sense of tightness. It is formulated to just the right texture so that it lubricates the eye area without ever seeming to leak into the eye itself. A miracle!

Yes, there’s more to marigolds than meets the eye.

Enjoy your summer!

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