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Hey, gals!

I just got back from my friend Bonnie’s wedding in DC, an automobile ride (from DC to Philly) and a train (Am(b)trak – Philly to NYC) ride later. I had a phenom time with my high school gals, Lee, Ang, and AlliSAN at the wedding. Storytime: I once convinced an entire high school house party that my friend Allison is half Japanese (she very clearly is NOT – she’s of Swedish decent, mmkay?) and that they must call her AlliSAN and bow their heads when addressing her out of respect. Anywho, AlliSAN now is a mother of two and lives in NEBRASKA so it had been a full five years since I’d seen her! It was great to catch up.

I forgot to pack my faux lashes, a wedding standby, for the event. Luckily for me, I DID remember to pack my new fave mascara for SERIOUS volume, Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express. I love it because it’s a wetter mascara and it really does give the illusion of added lashes. If it’s length you’re looking for, keep searching. But if you’re seeking volume, you’ve come to the right place. Two coats yields a blacker-than-black fringe. And I’m LOVING the yellow and purple packaging. Supercute. Hits stores July 1st!

Natch, I was selected as executive makeup putter-oner for Bonnie (the bride) and Anne (the maid of honor). On both girls, I used my fave lasts ALL NIGHT LONG eyeliner, Bobbi Brown Longwearing Gel Eye Liner in Graphite Shimmer Ink. This shade is a deep, shimmery charcoal grey, great for my two “clients” as neither are big makeup wearers and would have felt is if they were playing dress up wearing straight-up black liner. I also used BeneFit’s Posie Tint on both gals’ cheeks and lips for long-lasting pretty pinkness. I also used it on myself, as I was rocking a kelly green dress and thought it would be fun to go Lilly Pulitzer on this partay, as I was in Pastel and Pearl Country.

What’s your favorite makeup item to wear to a wedding? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Fabulista

    Hey Monique! Glad you were able to pick some up! I think it was intended to be a competitor for LashBlast, but they’re VERY different formulas. LashBlast is drier and AMAZING for lengthening and good for volume. This one does not lengthen at all, but is a wetter formula (which I like for more dramatic purposes, i.e., weddings) and is really just for extra volume. It did make my lashes very dark, which I liked.

  2. monique

    hey amber! just thought i’d let you know, i was at CVS last night, and saw a HUGE display of this. i picked it up (i was curious of course), but i haven’t tried it yet. i can’t wait to try it now! how do you think it compares to Lash Blast?

    btw, i always wear waterproof mascara to weddings because, i’m a cryer. i can’t help it…having been married for nine and a half years to the LOVE of my live, i can’t help but to be happy for those who are beginning their own journey into marriage. and it’s so romantic… 🙂

  3. Jammahs

    Yes, can’t wait to catch up over hummus!

    The hair was amazing. I wish that we were going to an important rose ceremony, like post-limo arrival and/or the week before the home-town dates.

    To stay on blogspot topic, L used her John Frieda anti frizz. Much better product than the B&B anti frizz that I have been using since circa 1999.

    And, L also quickly dabbed some blush stick on my cheeks and I was the right amount of rosy for the grand entrance (even if it didn’t involve a limo exit).

  4. Fabulista

    Hell! Jammahs, I’m so JEAL! That sounds super fun. I hate that we missed each other this weekend! And we were so close. I love the U Street Corridor, btw. Very swanky. But the silver lining is that you’ll be here this weekend, right? Can’t wait to hang out every min. Push Cafe is in order. Can you Puh-LEASE send a pic of the hair? Thanks.

  5. Jammahs

    Fabulista, you missed L moonlighting as my hairdresser. Best hair in all of Pearl & Pastel Country.

    I blew out the curly locks and then L curled each piece as if she is the head stylist at Butterfly. I think it’s only a matter of time until you girls partner for a hair & make up shop above Push Cafe!


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