Ish Don’t Think So: Gwyneth’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Just… no. The subscriber’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, is not doing it for me. Do I love her hair and makeup? Yes. I don’t, however, love that she’s wearing a SHIRT sans pants. Look, Gwyn’s got gorge gams… let’s all just pause and appreciate that. But I can SEE her tush cheeks and that is just not okay.

I love a short dress. In fact, the whole of my 18th year was spent in teeny tiny ones, along with shorts with no longer than a 2″ inseam. But even then, I made sure nothing important was “peeking out.” I’d love to see Gywneth’s dress with just an additional inch or two.

The newsstand cover is MUCH better, IMHO.

What say you?

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“Ish Don’t Think So” credit: Bruno of Da Ali G Show.

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2 Comments Ish Don’t Think So: Gwyneth’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover

  1. Jennifer

    Okay…I’m probably alone in this, but I hate it when they do a different cover for subscribers and the newsstand. Many times the subscriber cover is hideous (see Gwyneth) compared to the one non-subscribers get. I feel like I’m being punished or something.
    Okay…I’m done ranting now.


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