#1 Lip Gloss in the Rotation: Clinique Superbalm in Lilac

Girls, I’ve done you wrong. I’ve been raving in person so much about Clinique Superbalm ($13.50) that I actually convinced myself (wrongly) that I’d written about it. It’s the #1 gloss in my rotation at the moment. In fact, I’m nearly out of it. It’s non-sticky, moisturizing and long-lasting. It comes in eight colors, but as Daneen pointed out, you really only need it in Lilac, a for-everyone mauvey pink. I hereby award it HG status.

Stay tuned for Hairadise Week, coming shortly!

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2 Comments #1 Lip Gloss in the Rotation: Clinique Superbalm in Lilac

  1. Lucy Brown

    I completely agree. The clinique superbalm is the best lip balm on the market. I brought the shades ginger and grapefuit and I love them both. I think I prefer Grapfruit as I like the light shade. I brought mine in the mini tubes from http://www.beautyparlor.co.uk as I can’t afford to buy everything I would like in full size. Highly recommend these superbalms and love this blog!

  2. Jammahs

    The Sephora in P&P country was sold out of the Lilac, so I bought the Currant. I LOVE IT. Very glossy and long lasting. Much better than my old fav from Bobbi B. Thanks, Fabulista-Amber!


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