I Heart St. Tropez.

The city and the brand.

You know how I always talk about reading the directions? Sometimes I don’t. The most salient example: I rub in aerosol self-tanner. Because I have trust issues with it re: streaking. Natch, rubbing aerosol self-tanner makes it streak MORE. For the first time, I did it the right way with my new St. Tropez Aero Bronze Instant Self-Tanning Spray ($36). I used it last night after a good scrub with their phenom Body Polisher ($16). It yields NO streaks, dolls, and provides a convincing tan within THREE hours. The best I’ve ever done before was MINIMAL streaking. And not only is there no streaking, the DHA smell is so very faint you literally can smell it only if you press your nose to my arm. Which you won’t be doing anyway. Because that would freak me out. The color it produces is a rich, natural golden brown. I’ll just say it: this stuff has won Holy Grail Tanner Status.

Best of all? They even make their own Self-Tan Remover to ensure you’ll never again rock Lohan Palms.

Now I just need to work on making my lifestyle, in addition to my tan, a little more St. Tropez.

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  1. kara

    this makes me really excited because i’ve been wanting to try St. Tropez tanners forever and recently scored a spray bottle at Ulta on sale for $13!!! but mine is called Bronzing Mist and it doesn’t have the aerosol type spray, it has the type of spray you have to pump, kwim? still i hope my results with it will be as good as yours!


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