Help me get to Paris!

Remember this contest? Well, TotalBeauty is having a related one for their bloggers. There’s a beauty trade show held in Paris every year called Beyond Beauty, and TotalBeauty is sending THREE of its bloggers to the summit in Paris in October. Who would enjoy a trip to Paris more than MOI, I ask you? Not one person. The deal is, whichever blogger pulls in the most traffic to the site via links will win. So I need you, my most fab Internet friends to click here to enter the contest and by doing so, you’ll enter me for the trip to Paris. Mmkay? Thanks, dolls.

You have the opportunity to win a Saturn Vue Hybrid; I have the opportunity to win a trip to Paris. Everyone wins!

2 Comments Help me get to Paris!

  1. kara

    you know you’ve got my vote!!! 😀 i wanted to ask you, have you tried Benefit’s new concealer Erase Paste yet? i made a special trip to the mall yesterday to test it out and i was NOT disappointed! it is FAB! i’m gonna do a post about it so you should check it out because it’s fab and you’re Fab and, well, you get it…haha 😀


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