Plexi Gloss Me, Thierry.

Thierry Mugler has been a long-time BBJ fave ever since I started wearing his Angel Innocence scent in 1999. He recently launched his gorgely packaged line of cosmetics and skin care. My fave part of the collection? Plexi Gloss ($40), my lippie du jour. It’s–no joke– what Jem AND the Holograms would be wearing if they were real people in 2008. It imparts holographic shine on your lips. Pink Reflection is a wearable, shiny pink. The rubber tab/spatula-like applicator took me by surprise. When I first saw it, I was wary. I was all: This is neither a brush nor a sponge… WTF goes on HERE. It turns out, the bizarre applicator is one of the best parts about it. The gloss goes on smoothly and easily. On lips, it appears glosstrously luxe and the innovative mirrored packaging is pure sci fi futuristic flash forward. And it appeals to my vain side. LURVE.

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  1. cybele

    wow, the packaging looks great! I am so tired of the same tubes over and over. Didn’t even know they were coming out with a makeup line so thanks for the heads up!


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